To be the first choice in trusted, cost-effective solutions for organisations, individuals and institutions interested in RPAS (Drone) filming and photography through our dedicated focus on SACAA compliance, ensuring safer skies and high quality media.


  • Provide and facilitate exceptional aerial filming and photography services nationwide.
  • Provide outstanding service to clients interested in RPAS Filming and photography.
  • Utilise an existing nationwide network of filming and photography professionals to ensure quick turnaround times and lower project costs.
  • Be instrumental in developing and empowering the RPAS Filming and Photography industry by providing a focus on SACAA compliance requirements.
  • Providing exceptional support to our network - so they can spend more time running their own businesses.
  • Provide customisable packages to ensure that we stay relevant.
  • Exercise a high level of control through our use of state-of-the-art systems.