How drone photography is changing the real estate industry.

Along with enhancements in drone technology, drones are rapidly moving from hobby and industrial project tools into other commercial spaces, including property development and real estate sales. Crisp visuals of your ‘for sale’ property, a sales video highlighting the best features of a property for buyers not in the area, a summary of your business’ real estate expertise? Drones can achieve all this and more.

While there are restrictions on the use of drones in residential areas, when conducted legally and professionally, drone photography is an affordable and simple, yet high-impact, way to showcase a property for sale. Offering a unique perspective, using clear imagery, drone footage offer real estate agents a number of benefits that go beyond taking a buyer on a virtual tour like no other.


In the real estate industry, drones can be used to

1. Capture clear, detailed images of a property and surrounding land from a wide-angle aerial perspective – images that can be shared with buyers and prospective investors without them even having to visit the site themselves.

2. Generate property maps that help prospective buyers to more easily visualise a space, its size, and its location within a neighbourhood. A drone-led video can be used to create a story for a property, a story that is a unique and engaging sales tool.

3. Illustrate a property’s proximity to local facilities such as shops, schools, and beaches. This makes the property more real in the eyes of potential buyers, especially those who struggle to visual directional space.

4. Offer views of difficult-to-access areas such as roofs and high structures that require inspection before purchase.

5. Combine aerial photography and aerial filming to create video presentations with significant ‘wow’ factor – this plays well when it comes to residential properties which are linked to emotion as much as practicality. This type of footage can also be used as promotional material for the real estate agent.

It’s easy to see why the use of drones is becoming an increasing popular trend in real estate. Interested in exploring drone photography for your next real estate project? Hire the professionals. While drones might be affordable and seemingly easy to operate, if you want a compliant, sophisticated end result and are concerned about safety and delivery, it’s best to work with a company that has the relevant expertise and experience. A company like Drone Media. Focused on high quality media and ensuring safe skies, we provide and facilitate exceptional aerial filming and photography services nationwide.

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