Three ways to use a drone to enhance your business video.

We live in a digital world, almost-always-online world where people are bombarded with tons of information almost constantly. So, when it comes to marketing, how do you help your business break through the noise? Research shows that people are more likely to read an article or work though a social media blog post if it contains images or video footage. And what better way to get stellar images than with a drone sporting the latest in aerial photography and filming technology?

The increasing popularity, ease of use, and high tech nature of drones has made it possible for individuals and businesses to get shots that were previously the preserve of big money production companies or the relatively wealthy. Not so today. Drone footage is affordable and accessible while still being exciting and right on trend with what today’s customers want to see. So, if you’re putting together a business video, it might be time to think about doing it using a drone.


Ways to use a drone to enhance your business video

1. Get real shots in real time

Forget stock images or limited stills. Drone photography allows for crisp, clear shots from an aerial perspective that is both detailed and non-intrusive. If you know how to operate your drone to the best of its abilities, you can record once-in-a-lifetime shots of once-off events, creating memories and promotional materials that go on long after the event is done.  Want to include some of your best work or events in a video to show prospective clients? Think drone.

2.  Tell a story

Instead of putting together a series of shots, think about the images you are going to capture and use them to create an engaging story. Drone footage can be particularly useful in creating a narrative that literally moves from one place / space / experience to another and takes your customer along for the ride. A drone’s ability to capture scenes like no other form of media means you can give new life to a project, product, or the ‘behind-the-scenes’ story of a business. For example, use a drone to follow a product from its position in-store to its purchase and use by a customer, going from local to international, from on the ground to overhead.

3. Go big, go wow

Want to use a drone to capture footage that will truly add value to your business video, making it interesting and fun? Work in big group shots from on high (you’ll get a bird’s eye view of the whole group without worrying about anyone begin blocked out), start up close to your subject and then zoom out for a dramatic reveal (this adds a surprise-like feel to your footage), and film your surroundings to add depth and content to your video (if you’re surrounding by a beautiful or dramatic landscape, all the better).

As a business professional, it can be challenging to find new and interesting ways to engage with your customers, especially when it comes to producing content that your target market wants to see. Drone photography and filming can give promotional materials like your business video the edge.

A word to the wise – before you rush off to invest in your own drone and try taking on this project yourself, considering that drone use is governed by a number of laws based on safety and privacy concerns. That’s why sometimes professional is best. If you want a professional product, created by a licensed and compliant supplier, look no further than Drone Media. Wherever you are in SA, we can provide you with high quality media products and a range of services, from aerial photography to live feed events, depending on your drone needs.

Business video blues? Think drone!