Using a drone at your wedding? Tips to make sure it’s a smooth flight.

Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life and one that you will want to treasure for years to come. That’s why you’ve decided to use a drone to capture it. Cost-effective and boasting unique angles from on high, professional drone photography is sure to get you cinematic-quality aerial shots of your big day.


Top tips for using a drone at your wedding

1. Always have a plan

Drones can draw attention and be a focus point during any event. It’s important to plan out when and where the drone will be flying to ensure your capture relevant moments and the surrounds. Also, it takes time to get the perfect shot or footage – be smart and consider which moments would be best to have the drone in operation. And get your ground photographer and drone operator together so they can talk strategy.

2. Drone usage can be restricted

Whether its legislation around where and when you can operate a drone or the rules of the venue, it is important to confirm that you can use a drone in your chosen location. Indoor venues, tented weddings, areas with many, high trees... all these factors might complicate or restrict the use of a drone.

3. Drones aren’t silent

While a drone has the advantage of being above the action (and therefore staying out of the way), their motors and propellers aren’t entirely silent, meaning that they can be heard and could possibly interfere with more intimate moments of the event, like the vows. Take the time to chat to your drone operator about a shooting plan that involves taking into account moments that require quiet and therefore might mean grounding the drone.

4. Know that the unexpected can happen

Weather is a major factor on most wedding days and it is also something that cannot be controlled. It’s important to know that drones cannot fly in the rain or in high winds as these could pose a safety risk. So, it’s wise to, firstly, confirm flying terms and conditions with your drone supplier and, secondly, have a complementary photography plan (getting the best of both still and aerial photography) or a back up photography plan.

5. Get professional help

Just because you know someone who can fly a drone or you are a drone hobbyist with an eye to going professional, does not mean you should do your own wedding coverage. First off, there’s safety to consider. Drones are mini helicopters and, if not flown properly, you stand the chance of having an accident at your wedding. Also, if you want to get the dream shots of your dream day, it’s best to rely on a professional who knows how to handle big event coverage and what shots to focus on to ensure you get the best possible end result.

Despite these considerations, when it comes to covering an event like your wedding, not much compares to aerial footage via drone. Wide angles, magnificent shots, extensive scope, and zoom surprises... drone photography and filming will allow you to capture this special day, your guests, and the gorgeous surrounds easily, smoothly, and with a pretty big ‘wow’ factor.

Need a drone operator for your wedding? At Drone Media, we focus on high quality images, impeccable aerial filming, and safe, secure operations.