Drone versus helicopter aerial photography? Read this.

Both drones and helicopters have their place when it comes to capturing stunning aerial photography, especially for cinematic filming projects or safety and surveillance purposes. However, for many industries, and especially those that include smaller organisations, professional drone photography is a simpler, more cost-effective method.

Helicopters have the advantage of being able to cover much larger distances at higher altitudes than drones, making them a great choice for covering cityscapes or full scale filming events, such as complicated car chase scenes. However, they are expensive to operate and bring with them some serious safety and compliance concerns (not to mention logistical budgets that are often out of reach for smaller organisations).


Advantages of using a drone for aerial photography

1. Cost-effective operation

From set-up to (unmanned) flight, drone hire comes in with a much smaller price tag than hiring and organising the flight of a commercial helicopter.

2. Agility and versatility

Lightweight, silent, and with high manoeuvrability, drones can go places helicopters cannot, including close to the ground, through wooded areas, or into built-up spaces. They are great for getting panoramic, overhead, and awkward angle shots, quickly and safely.

3. Quick retakes

Watching footage from a drone in real time means that if you don’t get the exact shot you want, you can always do a quick redo with minimal fuss.

4. No need to worry about refuelling

Unlike helicopters that need to be refuelled (often at great expense and requiring complicated logistics), drones just need batteries, and it’s always easy to have spares on hand.

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