Five great drone shots to use at your next event.

When it comes to superior event coverage, you already know the aerial filming and photography via drone is the way you want to go. Great choice! To make sure you get the best possible product, be sure to work with a professional drone provider who can help you get the shots you want and deliver a drone media solution perfectly suited to your event.

One of the key ingredients for successful drone coverage is planning. Take time to discuss what kinds of shots, feel, and style of recording you are looking for with your drone operator. Need some inspiration? We’ve got five great, must-have shots to use when filming your next event. Wow factor, here we come.


Five event-perfect drone shots

1. The Follow-Me

Depending on your drone, you can set this feature automatically or work it manually. Have the drone follow a person or vehicle in motion, or a set route (think long, winding roads) to a destination, creating a sense of story.

2. The Fly-By

This involves the drone flying by an object in the foreground of the shot, aiming for the perfect close-up. Great for capturing those special event details.

3. The Fly-Through

Flying through clouds, light mist, or even a beam of sunlight for a big reveal can add a level of drama and anticipation to your shot, especially if you have a beautiful backdrop to work with.

4. The Up-Up-And-Away

Also known as a Rise shot, start with the drone on the ground and the camera pointing down and slowly rise up and away from the earth so that the shot expands as the drone rises, revealing more and more of a stunning aerial shot.

5. The Super-High-Panoramic

A classic drone shot. Fly the drone as high as regulations, safety, and comfort allow for an expansive aerial view like no other.

It’s clear that drones have revolutionised the way we capture and share important moments and memorable occasions. A cost-effective media solution, they offer high definition footage from a number of unique angles. From event locations, to crowd shots, to set-up and breakdown, for public events, launches, and festivals, aerial photography and filming can capture it all.

And the best way to do it? Use a professional drone services supplier like Drone Media. Our drone solutions have been designed to capture almost any happening from the most interesting angles, creating a stunning memory you can share time and again.

If you want maximum impact event coverage, think drone. Book a drone for your next event.