Five drone shots to use for a great property showcase

Professional drone photography and filming are swiftly becoming popular marketing tools in the real estate industry. Not only do they offer an efficient and speedy way to survey a property, they can be used to generate exciting, unique marketing videos and promotional footage to advertise a property to a range of buyers, near and far.

If you’re using a professional drone to showcase your real estate property, you will need to comply with certain regulations and legal guidelines. Those aside, it pays to have a professional carry out aerial footage that is to be used for promotional purposes as they will have the experience and expertise to get the best shots. If you are shooting a property on your own (or want some shots to discuss with your supplier), we’ve got some great tips and suggestions for you.

Drone Real Estate

Drones shots designed to show off your property

1. Slow and steady

This tip is more about style than type but it will help you get the shots you want. If you’ve gone to the trouble to shot aerial photography of a property, make sure that you have enough material to work with when you get back to the office. After putting together a flight plan (that covers all the bases you want to see in your footage), aim to take long, steady shots of each important part of the property (as per your plan). Aim for a minute at a time of uninterrupted footage. You can cut this down later to create the shot you want.

2. The overhead shot

The overhead shot is one of the easiest to capture, and one of the most effective, giving a complete overhead view of the property. Point the camera directly down and fly over the property. Start by hovering low over a chosen focal point and then increase your altitude while rotating the drone. This will allow you an overhead view of the property as well as its immediate surrounds, giving a sense of scale and context, while creating an interesting visual.

3. The descent shot

This shot gives the viewer a ‘grand entrance’ feel, building a sense of excitement. Start from above and a little in front of the property, Then, with the camera facing down, descend from above while tilting the camera up to track the property. Professional introduction to what you’re selling? Great first impression? Check and check.

4. The sliding shot

A panoramic sliding (or slider) shot used to require a host of complicated filming equipment but advances in drone technology mean that this is no longer the case. Start your drone off at eye level and then move it from side to side to achieve a slider effect. Keeping things slow is important – try to get the shot to look as if the viewer is walking around the property, giving them a comfortable ‘moving around’ perspective.

5. The spotlight shot

This shot involves flying horizontally (in a band) around a property while staying focused on one spot. This kind of shot requires a bit of practice as you have to synchronise the speed of the drone with how quickly you pan the camera to stay locked on the property while moving. If you have an automatic spotlight feature on your drone, this would be the time to use it. And, while this might be a challenging shot, it sure looks great when it’s used right.

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