Ask yourself these questions before getting your drone license.

Flying a drone commercially has become pretty big business in recent years – from filming personal events such as weddings to capturing aerial footage of real estate properties, aerial photography and filming can be a valuable addition to your business services.

If you’re thinking of flying a professional drone commercially, it’s important to remember that commercial drone flight is regulated by law in South Africa. This means that you will be required to get a drone license and comply with safety and compliance regulations.


Three questions to ask before getting your drone license

1. I am only going to use my drone to survey my own business and operations. Do I still need to get a license?

Yes. Any drone used in a non-recreational manner is considered a commercial use drone so the same rules apply. And, depending on the type of drone, you might have to register the drone as well.

2. Once I have my license, can I fly wherever I want?

No, all drone flight is restricted by law and it is important to understand where and when you can fly, as well as obtain the correct permissions to fly. For example, flight is restricted at night, at certain heights and speeds, and within a certain distance of airports or airfields. Indeed, special approval is required to operate closer than 50 meters from buildings, operate closer than 50 meters from people, operate in controlled airspace, operate within 10 km of an airport, or to release / deploy / deliver any object or substance.

3. Does Drone Media offer licensing and training?

Yes, this is one of our key services. We can help you navigate through the process of getting your license. We also offer other aviation training – read more about our training courses here.

As aerial photography and filming experts, we are committed to helping media and industry professionals launch and grow their drone initiatives. We can help you understand and enter the drone aviation industry and we invite qualified pilots to join our ROC to complete their flight operations under the supervision of our expert team.

Want to get your drone license? Enjoy industry exposure, RPAS compliance guidance, and a chance to connect with like-minded individuals.