How to go from drone hobbyist to commercial RPAS pilot.

Drones are becoming a part of our everyday lives, be it as a weekend hobby or as a part of a commercial venture. Thinking of going professional with your drone hobby? If you wish to operate a drone for commercial purposes, you will need to get your RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) license and adhere to specific civil aviation laws or face harsh fines by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA).

To operate on the right side of the law, you will need to go through a number of certification processes, from getting a Remote Pilot’s License (RPL) to graduating to a Remote Operating Certificate (ROC). Once an operator has all these certificates, including registration of any professional drones in use, they can operate commercially. In addition, special approval is required to operate closer than 50 meters from buildings, operate closer than 50 meters from people, operate in controlled airspace, operate within 10 km of an airport, or to release / deploy / deliver any object or substance.


Need help getting through all these processes?

Operate your aerial photography and filming operation under our ROC. At Drone Media, we are proud to support film and photography professionals in becoming accredited commercial RPAS pilots and growing their business and drone initiatives. Once trained and qualified, these pilots can be contracted to our ROC to complete flight operations under our control and supervision (ensuring compliance) while still maintaining independence in their chosen industries. Work with us and you will enjoy aviation industry exposure, RPAS compliance guidance, and exposure to a national referral network. It’s really the best of both worlds – we’ll ensure you remain compliant while you focus on turning your hobby into a money-making machine.

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