Wedding videography with an edge? Think drone.

Capturing a couple’s big day is an essential part of a wedding’s success – an once-in-a-lifetime event, most couples choose to hire professional photographers and videographers to document the event. Want to offer more than the expected and add an exciting offering to your wedding planning portfolio? Drone videography could be just what your clients are looking for.

Professional drone coverage offers a unique and creative way to capture precious memoires. And an aerial perspective will offer a panoramic view of the whole event, capturing details large and small.


Advantages of using drones for weddings

1. Out of sight but never out of mind

Professional drone filming and photography is swift, silent, and aerial. This means that drones can record proceedings while staying out of the way when it comes to intimate moments such as the exchange of vows. And, unlike traditional video recordings and flash photography, drones remove the need for bright, invasive lighting.

2. Venue covered

Weddings often take place in beautiful and unique locations, be it inside historic buildings or in beautiful wild surroundings. Drones can offer an expansive and detailed illustration of the surroundings, both before and after guests arrive. From sweeping aerial shots to panoramic video footage, professional drone footage will mean that the happy couple will be able to revisit their special location in images over and over again.

3. Celebrity status

Drones can take pictures and aerial film from many different angles, most particularly from on high. This has been something previously restricted to Hollywood movies. So not only will your client’s wedding be recorded like a top quality movie, the ‘film set’ feel will impress guests, adding an extra layer of entertainment as well as some major ‘wow’ factor to the big day.

4. Bringing together the traditional and the innovative

Drone footage can complement traditional wedding photography. While traditional camera photography can be used for the up-close shots, drones can be used for the larger aerial shots. Together, you will get the best of both worlds, with the result being a complete set of images of a once-off occasion.

Weddings are special occasions and captured memories are an essential part of remembering and honouring them. From aerial stills to full video footage, drones are a fantastic way to achieve this (as well as the coverage of any big event) but it is best that they are operated by professionals – especially as a wedding is not an event that can be repeated for the sake of a recording. Plus, as per law, commercial drones need to be operated by professionals with the required certification and experience. The solution? Hire the experts. Work with Drone Media and you will be working with the best operators using the best technology for the job at hand, allowing you to offer your clients a stunning end product, sure to delight them for years to come!

Let Drone Media provide the best wedding coverage you could ask for.