Big launch? Why drone coverage is where it's at.

Have a big launch coming up? Wondering about the best way to capture the result of all your hard work? When it comes to the latest media solutions, aerial drone coverage is the way to go. Providing a wow factor, stirring up crowd interest, and bringing a whole new perspective to any event, professional drones are a perfect choice for covering your launch and sharing the moment with your team and clients.

Reasons to use a drone to cover your launch

1. Get the big picture

Due to their size, flying ability, and mobility, drones can cover large areas quickly, avoiding obstructions, and operating from a variety of different angles. Professional drone photography can capture imagery far beyond ground level, giving a more accurate view without getting in the way. This is especially helpful when it comes to large crowds or venues with difficult angles.

2. Lift your brand

Whether you’re launching a new business, new product, or way of interacting with your clients, using drones can boost your brand’s image, moving it into a futuristic space. A drone’s abilities (and the gathered footage) can make a brand look trendy, cutting-edge, and forward thinking.

3. Beyond the branded gift

Getting your name (or a sponsor’s name) out there at a busy launch event can be a challenge. Go beyond branded pens and gift bags, and brand a drone. This will increase your presence and the novelty factor will have people remembering the name long after the launch is done.

4. Going beyond the event

Done right, a launch takes time, money, energy, and expertise. Get added value by going beyond the launch day and using drone footage for promotional or marketing purposes. Not only can drones capture the launch setup (all the details before the big day), as well as the launch itself, post-production editing can ensure that the material is used for recap videos, investor presentations, client marketing campaigns, and virtual site visits far into the future.  

Using aerial photography and film to record your launch can make it more buzz-worthy and ensure some great footage for later use, taking the necessity of documentation to new heights. However, commercial drones need to be operated by professionals with the required certification and experience. That’s why, if you want safe but effective drone coverage of your launch, you need to hire the experts. Talk to us – at Drone Media, we use the best operators for the job while always ensuring top quality equipment and compliance in every respect. The result? A brilliant end product sure to exceed your expectations!

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