Five more drone shots to use for a great property showcase.

Drones are increasingly finding a place in the real estate industry, especially when it comes to showcasing properties for sale. Not only do they offer a fast, efficient way to survey large properties, they can help you create beautiful videos and promotional materials for potential local and international buyers.

Are you a commercial drone operator looking to work in real estate aerial filming and photography? We’ve got the tips you need to get those great shots – five of which we’ve already highlighted in a recent post – read more here. And, now we’ve got a few more sure to take your drone footage to great new heights.


More drone shots designed to show off your property:

1. Indoors to outside

Why not get a bit creative when it comes to space and angles? Thus is something you can do if you’ve mastered basic drone flying techniques and are looking to get a bit more technical. Start on the inside of a property and move outside and then up so that you get the feeling of touring through the property just before you get the big picture – using the front door is a neat trick, and an interesting way to show off luxurious properties with grand entrances.

2. Up above and reverse away

Start by keeping the focus wide and taking in points of interest while moving towards the property, then move into a flyover shot, highlighting the property as a whole and the surrounds behind you as you move away. The perfect combination of a slow reveal and flyover perspective. Complete the shot in reverse for the ideal ‘fade away’ end shot to a video montage.

3. Orbit the horizon

One of the best ‘from above’ shots, the key of the orbit is to have the point of focus at the centre of the property. Keep things slow and steady, and always keep the horizon in your shot. Subtly adjust your flight path around natural obstacles while avoiding any jerky movements. Complete the orbit at least once (and, for large properties, don’t forget to pack an extra set of batteries for extended flight time).

4. Cardinal directions

Imagine a compass with the property placed at the centre – the front of the property is North. The aim is to get shots from different points / angles on the compass – the cardinal points. Orbit in equal increments and capture all 8 points on the compass. Use the horizon as your reference point, set the scene by including context, and be sure to keep the whole property in each frame for the best possible effect.

5. The cable slide pan

This shot is a tough one but well worth it if you can get it just right – and by that we mean it needs to feel smooth and effortless (which might take some practice), with no sharp movements or jerky stop-starts. Plot a straight line that slides along the longest side of the property and then simultaneously pan the camera so that it is focused centre at the same time and throughout the shot. It’s like a panoramic moving shot and gives a great view.

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