Tips for creating a stunning drone-driven promotional video.

Looking to create a promotional video for your business or commercial event and want to use a drone to do it? Whatever your industry, drones are becoming an increasingly popular tool in content media creation. Offering everything from a unique perspective to extensive range, drones can capture footage that will make your video unique, helping it stand out from the crowd and wowing your viewers.

If you’re operating a drone for commercial purposes, you need to have the proper qualifications and/or work with a professional drone operations team that can manage the flight and capture process from start to finish. If you are flying the drone yourself, it’s best to think ahead and plan out the shots you need to ensure you get the best possible footage for the final product – one that will highlight the main features of your promotional focus as well as offer viewers something interesting and unique.

Want to do all this and more with a drone-driven video? As drone experts, we can help! Read through the tips below (as well as any of our other tip-focused blog posts) or work with us – we can put you in touch with the right operators for your job.

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Seven tips for creating stunning promo videos using a drone

1. Get the settings right

This might take some time, training, and practice but it is important to get your drone functioning optimally to ensure you get the best shots. Examples include – use the lowest ISO possible to avoid grainy footage, avoid the default “.mov” or “.mp4” video codec setting and go for D-Log or standard picture settings that allow for better detailing and more flexible picture editing post-production, aim to shoot double the frame rate whenever possible for more realistic blur, and use the right filters to prevent a blown-out image.

2. Aim for good weather conditions

While it is possible to shoot in rainy, windy, or cold conditions, it is not recommended. A few drops of rain on your drone’s lens can ruin a good shot. Shoot in calm conditions and try at least three different times of day to see the difference in the shots and give you a selection to choose from for the final video.

3. Shoot and shoot some more

Always shoot slightly more video that you have planned. This will give you some leeway in post-production to add a few more seconds to a shot, create a fade in / out and create easy transitions to other clips. Overshot for 5 -10 seconds and gain so much more than just a bit more time.

4. Use drone worthy shots

If you’re capturing footage with a drone, you might as well do it right and capitalise on the unique nature of video captured from above. Practice with a variety of drone shots – do a panoramic shot, fly backwards, orbit the horizon etc – and get some truly epic footage.

5. Be a ruthless editor

If you’ve got a lot of footage by the time you get to post-production you will have more video that you need. Be ruthless in selecting only the best shots and delete any that are shaky, out of focus, or unclear. Go for the best colour and grading editing software and use it right. Keep scenes short to avoid viewer boredom and be sure to change up the view every now and again, using a series of drone shots for variety.

6. Add a little music

The right soundtrack can bring together a video montage as well as evoke strong emotions. Use music to set the tone of your video and engage your viewers.

7. Work with the experts

From shooting footage to the editing process, an expert is often the best choice if you want to create a promotional video that looks professional but packs an emotional punch – read why it makes sense to hire a professional drone company here.

Creating a promotional video that works and has an impact takes time, skill, and experience. We can help – our team of accredited drone specialists offer a wide range of aerial media solutions sure to suit your promotional filming and photography needs.

Want to work with professionals to film stunning footage for your promotional video?