Five ways to use your drone in the commercial space in 2018

Over the past few years, drones have been making a big impact on digital media solutions in a wide range of industries, from corporate to entertainment. And experts predict that the use of drones in commercial spaces will become even more popular this year.

Own a drone and in the process of going professional? Let’s start with five suggestions for how you could use your professional drone in the commercial space this year. Before you take off, though, remember that to operate a drone for commercial reasons, you need to be properly licensed and accredited.

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Ways to use your drone commercially in 2018

1. Make corporate videos

Whatever the business, drone footage (and aerial filming) is becoming an increasingly popular way to capture and report on a project, event, or exhibition. Capture all kinds of events from new business premises for use in a corporate presentation to recording a live company event for promotional purposes and do it all with your drone.

2. Live stream events

We live in a ‘here and now’ culture where the most relevant news is that which is happening in the moment. Take a live event to the next level by using a drone to stream goings-on to a virtual audience, increasing the impact of the event beyond its present participants.

3. Capture milestone moments

Weddings, anniversary parties, graduations... our milestones, both personal and professional, deserve to be captured for future enjoyment and future generations. Use your drone to capture these precious times with the highest quality drone solution in town.

4. Deliver a real estate service like no other

Drones are becoming tools of choice in the real estate industry. Drone footage allows real estate agent to highlight the best elements of any for sale property and share those with buyers far and wide. This is a service designed to enhance their offering, making it a sustainable commercial venture for a professional drone operator.

5. Offer inspection services

From infrastructure monitoring to inspecting roof top areas for insurance purposes, drones are increasing being used for surveillance and inspection purposes. They are lightweight, safe, and accurate – and your work could be too.

At Drone Media, we’re excited to be working in such a dynamic and rapidly growing field. From aerial filming and photography to streaming live events, we have the right hardware and people for the job, and we’re ready for whatever projects and challenges 2018 brings us. Are you? If you want to learn how to fly your own drone for commercial purposes, we can help. Or if you want creating a unique product using aerial filming and photography, we can connect you with the best in the business. When it comes to drone media, we’re the experts!

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