Buying a drone for your business? It should tick these boxes.

Drones are becoming more and more popular (and useful) in the commercial space. Whether it’s organisations using them for their own surveying purposes or hobbyists going professional, you are sure to see more drones used for business applications than for fun in the coming year.

Interested in buying a drone for your business? Planning ahead to get the drone you want (and need) is crucial. So be sure to speak to a professional drone supplier and do your research before you make the investment. To kick-start your search, here are five considerations when buying a drone for business that we think are worth considering.


Ask these five questions before buying a drone

1. What do I plan to use the drone for?

The purpose of your drone operation will have a significant impact on the type of drone you buy. Consider factors such as the environment (whether you planning on flying outdoors or within a structure can have a bearing on the weight and model of your chosen drone). Also, many drones are now customised to specific experiences – for example, you can get a drone for photography that includes a HD camera with great picture and video resolution for aerial photography and filming purposes.

2. What laws apply to flying a drone as part of my business?

All drone operation is governed by legislation (restricting how, when, and where you can fly your drone) and commercial flying requires licensing for both the drone and the operator. Make sure you understand all the rules and legalities before you decide to make a drone a part of your business operation.

3. Who will be flying this drone?

Along with the legal implications of commercial drone flight, the more experienced the drone operator, the easier they will find it to fly a drone. The truth is that certain drones are easier to fly than others. And cheaper drones tend to lack the user-friendly features (such as auto takeoff and landing capabilities) that make drone operation easier, especially if the operator is new to the game.

4. How much flight time do I need?

Recreational drones stay airborne for about 4 – 5 minutes, which is simply not long enough for commercial purposes such an estate showcasing or live event recording. The best (and typically more expensive) drones fly between 15 – 25 minutes and many come with spare batteries to allow you to extend flight times. When looking at flight duration and times, remember to choose a drone with a quick charging time so that you can get up and running as soon as possible.

5. Am I willing to pay for better quality when it comes to my choice of drone?

Cheaper drones tend to be made of cheaper materials such as plastic and, while these might be budget-friendly, they are more likely to experience problems or break down in comparison with more expensive fibreglass or carbon versions. When looking at drone models, it’s also important to determine how easy it is to get replacement parts such as propellers, landing gear, controllers, motors, and batteries. Some drones don’t use universal parts and replacing damaged ones can prove to be challenging if this is the case.

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