Three ways to use drone photography on your website.

When it comes to promoting your business, your website is one of your biggest marketing tools. No longer just an online brochure, your website is a place for clients and potential customers to engage with your brand and your business. That’s why it needs to be up-to-date, engaging, and make use of the most relevant and innovative creative tools. Tools like drones and aerial footage you can use to engage with your website visitors.

Research shows that video is a highly effective way to engage with today’s modern consumers and that more people are likely to buy a product or service after seeing a video with related, relevant content. Even better if that video makes use of striking drone-driven aerial footage that has both a powerful effect and a practical application. Think site tours, land surveys, and live stream events. There’s so much you can do with drone footage in your business – in today’s post, we’re giving you some ideas for using it on your website.


How to use drone photography in your digital space today   

1. Update your home page background

Website design has shifted from text-heavy individual pages to a streamlined design and short, simple messaging. The idea is to capture your visitors’ attention in a few moments and get your message across quickly and simply. Drone footage used as a background on your website is the perfect way to bring to life the concept of ‘show, don’t tell’. The result? More engagement, more scrolling, greater trust and longer lasting interest from your audience.

2. Storytelling is where the sales are

When it comes to marketing your services and products, research shows that the hard sell is out and the story is in. Instead of punting services and products with basic deals, businesses that focus on building relationships with their customers through entertainment and customer engagement journeys are more successful (and make more sales in the long run). Stories give a business heart and personality, fostering client respect and trust over time. Drone footage can be a creative and exciting way to tell those stories, from forming the base of a corporate identity profile to enhancing product launch and tutorial videos.

3. Record and replay

Has your business just completed a major project? Wish you could share the journey and your progress from start to finish? Or have a structure or property you want to showcase for the entire world to see? With drone footage, you can! Drones allow you to gain a unique aerial perspective of any large scale project and capture its progress in real time, as well as record that progress for use in future communications. Pair this footage with a video testimonial (these are linked to high SEO results) from a satisfied client and you have an innovative and powerful sales tool that can be shared on your website (and throughout your social media channels).

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