Using a drone for business purposes? Watch out for these risks.

With their unique capabilities and innovative use of technology, commercial drones are giving businesses, from event organisers to property professionals, an edge over their competitors. On this blog, we’ve spoken a lot about how you can use drones to enhance your business activities. And the benefits of drones, when used correctly, are varied and numerous.

In today’s post, we want to take a look at the some of the risks of using a drone for business purposes. It’s important to remember that commercial drone use is not the same as using a drone for hobby purposes. There are legalities and compliance issues to consider and commercial restrictions to take into consideration if you want to ensure that your drone activities add value (rather than stress) to your business.

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Risks to note in commercial drone use

1. Non-compliance

In order to ensure operational compliance, all commercial drones must be properly registered and all operators properly licensed in line with the law that governs how such drones can be used. Failure to comply with legal requirements could lead to heavy penalties.

2. Liability

Drones are airborne machines and should be operated by trained professionals, who are properly registered and licensed. A drone accident (such as a crash or sudden drop from flight) can cause extensive damage to property and put lives at risk. This can open your business up to liability concerns. In the same vein, privacy (for both individual and other businesses) and cyber security concerns should be understood and respected at all times during commercial drone use. And proper insurance cover should be put in place in the case of a casualty claim that could cripple a business.

3. Loss of payload

The payload is the additional weight added to the drone such as a camera, accessories, or packages. These payloads have a cost over and above the drone body and can be extremely expensive to replace should they get lost or damaged. Anything attached to a drone is at risk of being damaged in a crash or stolen (as could the drone itself) and should be properly installed and fully insured.

As with all new technologies (or the application of technology to new fields), drones offer great business opportunities while introducing risks to that business. Want to learn more about the best and safest ways to operate a commercial drone as part of your business offering? Talk to us. We can teach you how to fly your drone, make you an Aerial Media Partner, or connect you with suppliers who are registered, compliant, and up-to-speed with the latest drone technologies and applications across a wide range of industries.

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