Three more ways to use drone footage on your website.

Did you know that 64% of buyers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video of that product? From recording live events to adding detailed footage to real estate presentations, drone footage can add a whole new dimension to your business’ online presence. And your website is no exception - probably your biggest marketing tool, your website offers your clients an easy and interactive way to learn about and engage with your business and drone footage can make sure it’s a stunning experience.

As visual branding, research shows that drone footage is a highly effective way to attract more visitors to your website. Need ideas on how to use drone footage on your website? We’ve already covered three in our first post on ways to use drone footage in your online space. And, in today’s post, we’re offering you three more.

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More ideas for using drone footage on your website  

1. Telling a better story than ever

As we’ve pointed out before, today’s marketing has evolved from the hard sell to telling a story that interests and excites a business’ target customers. Many businesses engage in storytelling via video – for example, online tutorials or first-person testimonials. Drone footage is much more impactful than regular video as drones allow for unique aerial shots and cutting-edge presentation styles sure to catch the eye of any site visitor.

2. View before you visit

Drone footage is a fantastic way to offer a virtual tour of a property, resort, or holiday location. From panoramic vistas to close up shots, it allows potential visitors to your premises the chance to experience it without leaving the comfort of their own homes – and, more importantly, it can be used to attract and entice visitors in a much more effective way than still shots.

3. Show products in action

If your business sells products like outdoor sporting gear, drone footage is a stunning way to showcase exactly how these products work, as well as their many benefits. Use drone-driven videos on your website to create DIY tutorials or ‘see before you spend’ promotional clips. Make the footage even more interesting and fun to watch by mixing it up with ‘behind the scenes’ shots. For even more marketing ‘mileage’, you can use these videos across your social media channels to raise awareness and encourage visitors to your website.

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