Simple but stunning ways to use drones to improve your marketing.

When it comes to marketing your business to a tech-savvy audience (or any audience for that matter), drones are a great choice. Not only are they speedy, efficient, and have numerous advantages over traditional static media, they boast an enviable wow factor – even with more drones in the skies than ever before, people are still drawn to them, making them the perfect marketing tool.

From recording and sharing special events from on high to delivering promotional goods, drones are becoming increasingly popular in the business world. With low production costs, advanced technology, and ease of use, drones are being used in a variety of new ways to enhance business services, raise brand awareness, and get product information out there. Want to use a drone to market your business? We’ve got three big ideas for you.

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Ways to use drones for marketing your business

1. Create ‘just like being there’ experiences

When properly executed, drone footage takes multimedia experiences to the next level. Whether it’s a behind-the-scenes video for your website’s home page or a virtual tour of your latest property for sale, drone footage allows your target market to experience an almost real-life version of your products and services. That’s wow factor at work and it’s a brilliant way to market what you’re selling. Work with a drone media expert to develop the perfect multimedia- friendly drone shots for your business and watch your target market react.

2. Record and share your work

Want a record of what your business does? Successfully completed a big project? Hosted an exclusive event? Want to show the world what you’re all about? Drones are able to record a series of events over time (or in real time) and broadcast that recording to your target market or store it for later use. When it comes to large, live events in particular, recording proceedings has often required expensive equipment (with aerial shots requiring helicopters and cranes) and increased time and production costs. This is no longer the case. Learn how to operate a drone for commercial purposes or hire a professional and you’ll soon have a record of your work to display everywhere from your office reception screen to your Facebook feed.

3. Let your advert take to the sky

Drones can take static advertising in a whole new direction because they are mobile. As long as guidelines are adhered to, drones can travel almost anywhere and carry branding with them. Think about a drone at a live event – people enjoy watching drones and they definitely attract attention. And how much better if they are branded so they can advertise while they film? Drones are just new and exciting enough to be used as an advertising platform in real time and get your brand out there in a way sure to be remembered.

Drone technology is set to expand in terms of creativity and application in years to come. Savvy marketers will definitely benefit from understanding how they can use drones (and the cutting edge tech that comes with them) to better enhance their business’ presence and input in the lives of their target markets.

Want to learn more about how drones can help your business take flight? Talk to us! As drone media experts we can connect you with independent drone operators who are registered, compliant, and up-to-speed with all things drone.

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