Three ways to use live stream drone footage 

The rise of drones has completely revolutionised content production and media solutions in the commercial space. And with more and more businesses across a range of industries looking to integrate live streaming into their marketing and operational models, unmanned aerial vehicles (as they’re also known) are quickly moving into this realm, too. 

Most likely owing to modern society’s need for information right here, right now (and deep-set ‘fear of missing out’), live videos capture viewers’ attention for three times longer than pre-recorded clips, according to the research. Shoot this footage from a drone and you can take its appeal to new heights (quite literally), while also avoiding the heavy costs and labour involved in streaming from a camera-equipped crane or helicopter.

If you work in the commercial realm or are currently in the process of becoming a professional drone operator, you might be wondering how to use this technology most effectively in the live streaming space. To shed some light on the topic, we outline three compelling uses for real-time videos shot from drones below. 

Three applications for live stream drone videography

1.Capture an event as it happens

drone videography

What better way to cover an exciting public event, like a music festival or a sports competition, than from the air, in real time? By live streaming an event to screens at the venue, you further engage participants, giving them a big-picture view of the goings-on they’re part of. And by broadcasting to social media feeds, you connect with a much wider audience around the world, gifting them with the rare chance to feel like they’re involved in the happenings as they occur. It’s a highly effective way to get a brand name out there, or to disseminate news, for that matter, and can work just as well for a concert as it would for a conference presentation. If sound is an important aspect, just be sure to work with an experienced audio and mixing specialist.

2. Offer status updates on a complex project or new project

Live streaming using a drone is an effective way to debut a new product to a large audience across various different locations at the same time, greatly enhancing the impact of the launch. You could even use your broadcasting platform to collect feedback from your target market and respond to their comments and questions in real time. Similarly, if your company has a large-scale project underway – say a real estate development or a significant sculpture – live drone footage is a great way to capture and share where you are in the process with intrigued followers who want to feel like they’re being equipped with up-to-the-minute information.

3. Ignite wanderlust and build desire for a destination

If you, from your office desk, were able to watch what was happening on the shoreline of a pretty coastal town somewhere, would that make you desperately want to be there? Of course it would! It’s one of the main reasons that live streaming aerial footage of stunning natural landscapes, holiday resorts and tourism activities has become a go-to option for destination marketers, travel bloggers and agents. Sure, a pre-recorded drone video would also do a pretty good job, but nothing ignites wanderlust quite being able to view what’s happening right this moment in the place you’d rather be.

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