Rent over buy - three reasons to hire a professional drone company.

When it comes to documenting a big event or special moment, drones are becoming more and more popular. What could be better than an aerial view of your wedding party? The
coolest shots of your client’s latest product launch? A promotional video of your latest property development or holiday destination?

Whatever the industry, aerial photography and filming is becoming an increasingly popular choice for delivering a reliable and in-the-moment product with wow factor potential. Set on drone coverage for your next big event? While you might consider buying your own drone, this brings with it a number of risks. If a drone isn’t part of your core business but you want a professional end result that doesn’t disappoint, don’t do it alone. Rather, hire a professional drone company to make sure you get the drone experience you’re looking for.

three Reasons to hire a professional drone company

1. Using a drone for professional reasons

Not a drone operator but want to offer drone coverage to your clients for their big moment? Hiring the experts is preferable to trying to capture the moment yourself. A professional drone with all the gear is an expensive piece of equipment that needs to be properly cared for and maintained. You might be able to pick up a cheaper, hobby-related drone for less but you might be disappointed by the quality of the recording. That’s if you manage to get the recording as intended – while drones are not that hard to operate, you don’t want to be experimenting with a new medium at a client’s expense. Rather hire the best and rest assured that the shots you want will be captured, using the best possible technology and approach, by those in the know.

2. Match the project to the pilot

Hiring a drone company that specialises in media services means they will be able to put you in touch with the right pilot for your project. For example, a specialist surveyor will have different flying skills and equipment than a drone camera operator for a marketing video. With a professional drone company, you will only pay for what you need when you need it. This will allow you to expand your skill set for every project as well as access different technologies, without a large capital output or investment in training or internal staff. 

3. Stay on the right side of the law

While a fantastic creative opportunity, the procurement of aerial media has much more to do with aviation and safety than purely the arts. Operators need to hold numerous licences as well as be registered for commercial purposes. If you work with an accredited provider, you can be certain the pilot you work with is properly certified and the material you receive is safely and legally procured. A bonus? You’ll save training time and money too! Want get certified to fly a commercial drone? Read this!

Aerial photography and film can be a unique and exciting way to capture a client event. Make sure you get the whole picture and hire the experts – Drone Media! When it comes to covering events via aerial means, we are the best in the market. With a focus on the latest technology, we connect our clients with the best operators for the job, ensuring quick turnaround times and low project costs without compromising on the end result.