We are a comprehensive drone company able to provide the right aerial filming and photography services for every client. Whether you want to fly your own drone commercially or hire an experienced drone operator for your business or event, we can help. We love collaborating with other media companies and have a national footprint which means we can work pretty much anywhere that’s legal. 

We are licensed and insured. And while we don’t fly, (we leave that to the pros) booking through us won’t cost you extra. 


Interested in flying A DRONE

We can support you with our managed ROC
as an Aerial Media Partner.

Want to find a drone operatOR in
your area?

As a Corporate Partner, we can connect
you to the right operators.


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Looking to work with a professional drone company with aerial media expertise?

Look no further than Drone Media! Fully SACAA accredited and compliant, we use the latest in aerial capture technology and work with only the best operators to get you the aerial media results you want.


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