Commercial RPAS and ROC Holder

the Aerial media PARTNER SOLUTION

We aim at developing and empowering our partners. Once they are trained and qualified they are contracted to Drone Media a division of DC Geomatics as Aerial Media Partners (AMP’S) by means of the AMP Agreement. This agreement allows our AMP’s to complete legal and insured flight operations under our Managed ROC.



  1. You have a client in need of drone (RPAS)  photography or filming.
  2. You submit a request via the Drone Media platform.
  3. We guide you in project planning to ensure you are 100% safe and complaint.
  4. We give you the final approval and instructions to execute flights under us and capture the media.
  5. You exercise your AMP agreement rights to purchase the copyright from us at reduced percentage of the value.
  6. You then sell your legally procured aerial media to your client at a 100% of the value.



  1. Remote Pilot Licens (RPL)
  2. Own at least one RPAS
  3. Complete application form and submit supporting documentation.
  4. Accepts of pilot kit quotation
  5. Accepts of RPAS onboarding cost qoutation

Successful Applications

  1. Complete and Sign Non-disclosure agreement
  2. Receive and review AMP Agreement
  3. Payment of pilot kit
  4. Payment RPAS Onboarding cost
  5. Complete and sign of AMP Agreement
  6. Drone registration under the managed ROC
  7. Once drone is registered, installation of a Drone Media tracking device.
  8. Application for RLA on registered drone.  (Optional drone rentals to brigh RLA waiting period)
  9. Receive RLA approval
  10. Operators can now start flying commercially under our Managed ROC

Drone Media as your compliance partner

Flight operations management, including safe and reliable operation processes

  1. Fleet maintenance management, ensuring compliant, airworthy craft and trained staff
  2. Quality assurance, including SOPs
  3. Safety management services for safe and secure operation and behaviour
  4. Fleet security management, including security processes and inspections
  5. All related insurances and liability cover
  6. Professional IP services coordination
  7. Regular audits to ensure that throughout the organization, all Media Partners maintain compliance to ensure that standards are being upheld at all time


Allowed Operations under our Approved Operations specifications

  1. Operations in Controlled Airspace 
  2. Operations above 400ft AGL   
  3. Operations within a 10km radius from an aerodrome  
  4. Operations within restricted airspace 
  5. Operations adjacent to or above:  
    1. National Key Point
    2. Strategic installation
  6. Operations Beyond visual line-of-sight (B-VLOS) 
  7. Night operations 
  8. Operations directly overhead or closer than 50m from people  
  9. Operations within 50m of buildings and/or structures
  10. Operations over, along or closer than 50m from public roads
  11. Operations releasing object or substance  
  12.  Carriage of dangerous goods 




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